In a bid to increase industry standards and encourage more clubs to work to improve their customer service etiquette, sales process & performance levels, 59club’s partners and sponsors have agreed to part subsidise their up and coming 'Sales, Service & Retention Roadshow' making attendance as affordable as they possibly could.

59club can now offer a 50% discount for every additional ticket sale purchased with a single full price ticket and look forward to inspiring the many club managers and team members who are anticipated to attend the event.

The PGA, GCMA, CMAE & BIGGA have all been encouraging attendance at 59club’s ‘Sales, Service & Retention Roadshow’, their members will each receive CPD points for attendance at a single event.

The Roadshow which takes place this December, focuses on the art of doing CLUB WELL, and includes proven tactics that are guaranteed to assist clubs to convert more member sales, generate more referrals, retain more members, enhance the service experience, maximise additional revenue and retain customer loyalty.

Always a firm favourite with the crowd, ‘Gregg Patterson’ CEO of ‘Tribal Magic’ will join 59club Directors and PGA Members Simon Wordsworth, Mark Reed & Matt Roberts as they take to the stage during the annual Roadshow.

Patterson is excited to join the tour and promises to “entertain & enlighten the audience on the process of delivering the BUZZ, the LOVE and the GLOW, enlarging and enriching the service experience”.

Reed will empower clubs to convert more member sales, as he divulges the exact ‘59club membership enquiry sales procedures’ that assisted one of the highest profile UK Golf groups to increase their membership sales performance by 77% in year 1, which rose to 90% in year 4.

Roberts will share ‘customer engagement tactics’ & measures to ‘maximise additional spend’, the key formula that saw one club increase their group golf revenue by more than 20% over a year, an individual staff member double their conversion rates and also reduced a clubs time to confirm a booking by 30 days.

Commenting on the day, Reed said “If its inspiration you’re looking for...that’s exactly what you’ll get! The 59club Roadshows will motivate and provoke actions, if you were to implement just a tiny element of the content it will be the best return on investment that you make this year”.

For more information contact and to book visit And whilst you're there, don’t miss the opportunity to view Gregg P’s outrageous promotional video!

The event is proudly supported by 59club’s Industry Partners: The PGA, GCMA, CMAE, BIGGA, England Golf, Club Car, CGI Insurance, Kennet Equipment Leasing & Toro.